Message from the FANS president

Current [2015-2019] Dr. Teruo Miyazawa
Dr. Teruo Miyazawa
As the president, I am very glad to work for the next four years with you to encourage scientific stimulation of food and nutritional sciences in Asia.

Developing health trends, environmental concerns, and economic climate must be taken into note more and more from now on.

For the 12th ACN held in Yokohama on14-18 May 2015, I would like to extend my cordial thanks to all the participants and corporate bodies who supported us both physically and intellectually. The 12th ACN was the biggest congress ever on food and nutritional sciences in Asia with 4162 participants from 51 countries/regions.

As realized at our General Assembly in Yokohama, we will have to resolve several unsettled matters, such as amendment of our Statutes to make them up to date, publication of FANS official journal, invitation of new FANS members and FANS observers, and so on. As one of the adhering bodies, FANS may make more intimate collaboration with scientific activities of IUNS.

With much pleasure, we will meet next at our General Assembly on ICN 2017 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and also meet all of you at the 13th ACN 2019 in Bali, Indonesia.
Dr. Teruo Miyazawa
President, FANS


Previous [2011-2015] Ms. Pek-Yee Chow
Dear Friends and Colleagues
On behalf of Singapore Nutrition and Dietetics Association (SNDA), we would like to wish everyone a great start for the year and best wishes for the years ahead of us. SNDA would like to thank you for the continuous support to FANS and the ACN. Hopefully with the improved technology, we could further improve our communications across Asia and continue to promote the nutritional well-being of Asian people.
Ms. Pek-Yee Chow


Previous [2007-2011] Dr. Po-Chao Huang

As the president I am very glad to see the establishment of its own website. For this, the FANS secretariat, led by Dr. Ching-jang Huang, should be congratulated.
In the past, communication between FANS member countries was achieved mainly by holding FANS meetings during the ACN and ICN or by publishing FANS news letter, once every four years or at most every two years. Now, FANS will be able to send relevant informations or deliver news of mutual interests to member countries once or twice a year. I hope every member country of FANS will also use this website to communicate more often than before for better understanding of each other.
Dr. Po-Chao Huang
President, FANS


Previous [2003~2007] Dr. C. Gopalan
Greetings to the organizers and delegates of the 10th Asian Congress of Nutrition, which I am sure, will be a grand success.
The Asian Congress of Nutrition, which was started in Hyderabad, India, has continued to flourish and grow in strength. It is indeed heartening that the small seedling planted in Hyderabad in 1971 has now blossomed into a sturdy tree. The Asian Congress of Nutrition was set up to provide a Forum for Asian nutrition scientists and for fostering their solidarity; and to provide them an opportunity for exchange of ideas with respect to promotion of nutritional well-being of Asian people. Right from the very start we had kept our doors open for participation of outstanding non-Asian nutrition scientists. This policy continues; the planning and organization of each congress will, of course, be in Asian hands.
Today, nutrition scientists of Asia face a ‘double burden’ – with poverty-related nutritional problems in children, at one end of the age spectrum, and, nutrition-related chronic degenerative diseases at the other end. These are formidable challenges. The challenges, which Asian nutrition scientists will have to face in future, could be even more formidable.
Current reports on global warming hold grim threats of coastal catastrophies and marine crises; of diminishing food grain production; of glacial meltdown resulting in flooding, subsequently followed by drying of rivers and increasing susceptibility to mosquito borne diseases and a significant loss of biodiversity. These threats are not all ‘distant’; some of them could even materialize in the course of the century. Though Asia’s contribution to global warming is insignificant as compared to that of North America or Europe, Asian countries are likely to bear the brunt of the deleterious effects of global warming. Nutrition scientists of Asia and the Asian Congress of Nutrition will therefore have to play even a more significant role in future.
May I wish the Congress all success !
Dr. C. Gopalan
President, FANS
Founder-President, Asian Nutrition Congress Series